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Discount Pricing To Help Minimize Customer Network Congestion

Our world continues to come to grips with the devastating impact of COVID-19, which has impacted many industries across the globe, including the telecommunications industry.  The changing traffic patterns brought about by an unprecedented online community and consumer behavior are placing huge strains on the networks.  The ability to stay connected is key to effective communication, alleviating the social strains of isolation and economic sustainability during these challenging times.  We at DragonWave-X would like to do our part to help minimize the congestion placed on your networks.

  • We are offering the following discounts:
    • a 40% discount on all Harmony Enhanced & HEMC capacity and feature license upgrades and
    • a 65% discount on all Horizon Compact, Compact Plus and Horizon Quantum capacity and feature license upgrades to help you expeditiously resolve any bottlenecks in your transport networks.

To make use of the discounts use the following discount codes at checkout:

  • HE&MCCapcty40 for Harmony Enhanced  & Harmony Enhanced MC
  • Capcty65 for Horizon Compact, Horizon Compact+ & Horizon Quantum

 Clicking the discount codes above will bring you back to the home page, however,  your discount code will automatically be added to your cart at checkout.