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Horizon Compact+ Bandwidth Doubling (400Mbps-600Mbps)

Horizon Compact+ Bandwidth Doubling (400Mbps-600Mbps)


Must have 2 links, purchase a quantity of 4 license keys and the link must be setup in a bandwidth doubling scenario.  

Per unit capacity upgrade to 600 Mbps from 400Mbps for the Horizon Compact+. Sold per ODU. 

Please note the following:

  • This is for the Horizon Compact+ only. 
  • The units must already be licensed for 400Mbps.
  • Most system modes will not allow this full throughput and the use of Bandwidth doubling will be required.
  • The license key allows L1 throughput of up to 600 Mbps, but actual over-the-air capacity will depend on channel size, modulation, and be subject to link budget / availability.

Please contact your DragonWave Sales Representative if you wish to purchase an upgrade that is not shown in the drop-down list or you wish volume discounts.

Visit our Contact-Us page and fill out the form if you wish us to contact you.  Please ensure you select 'Sales Inquiry'.

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